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Chakra Flow University
 300 HR training

Chakra Flow University 300HR
Advanced Master Y
oga Studies

Chakra Flow University is honored to present a 300HR Advanced Master Yoga Studies program in the heart of Charlotte, NC. This 300HR training has been mindfully curated to include meaningful and advanced practices of Yoga within all of the different disciplines of the 8 limb system.


Chakra Flow University founder, Victoria E. Martinez, took special care in hand selecting the exquisite teaching team to include the very best of the best teachers throughout the different categories of study that you will find below. Victoria's bigger vision is to create the most prestigious Advanced Master Yoga Studies School in the South.

She knows that this means the best teaching team and highest standards of practice across the board.

"It was during my 300hr studies that I really feel I was able to hone my craft and become the teacher I am today. It takes the foundations of everything you learn in the 200hr program and expands and clarifies beyond foundations into the depths of these beautiful sciences."
—Victoria Martinez, founder of Chakra Flow University


25-50-100 HOUR INTENSIVES IN 2024​​

All of the modules below are available as part of the 300HR program or as stand alone CEU's. Many of the modules are offered as retreats, some local and others international. During 2023 Chakra Flow University will be focusing on supporting the community to expand their perspectives by visiting other countries and immersing in their cultures. We hope you will join us. 


Victoria E. Martinez (YTT Director)

Kiesha Battles

Marcy Braverman

Jeniffer Busco

Tai Dorn

Meaghan Dunham

Lizzie Faulkner

Tabitha Hall

Rebby Kern

Jack Kirven 

Julie Rauschenplat

Jane Ritz

Rachel Roth

Austin Shook

Shanna Small

Kate Stall

Brian Strahine

Danielle Valoras
...more to be added


Please email me if you have any questions

a yogi leading the fellow yogis in a flow fest forest

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School 300

This program is a registered 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training by Yoga Alliance.
This school provides a 300-Hour training that meets or exceeds the Yoga Alliance Standards. Students who complete this program and are already 200 RYT are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a 500 RYT after completing this certification.

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My experience with Chakra Flow University was absolutely incredible. I learned so much about myself and deepened my practice in truly profound ways. Victoria and the other teachers are so knowledgeable. They are certainly some of the most experienced yoga teachers in the country! I will be forever grateful for the time and attention that I received during my 300 hours and I know that my life will be so much more meaningful because I had the opportunity to complete this training with Chakra Flow. Thank you, Victoria, and the other teachers for providing such a world-class experience.

Brian Strahine, YTT 300 Student


Chakra Flow University was absolutely the best choice for my YTT. The emphasis on developing a full yoga experience, not just a physical practice, is what interested me in the program. You will leave with a strong foundation in practice teaching, chakra vinyasa flow, ayurveda and the history of yoga including mythology. The community created by Victoria is strong and welcoming. She is a force or light - ready and willing to help you in any way you need. I highly recommend her teacher trainings and workshops.

Stephanie Lawson Brooks, YTT 200 Student

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Carefully curated training led by Victoria Martinez. Highly recommend for all levels.

Kailey Zahurones, YTT 200 Student

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