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100 hour Yoga studies Program

Creating Harmony Through the Living Wisdom of Yoga

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Through Sanatana Dharma in India, the ancient yogis passed on a living tradition for harmony and liberation called yoga. Yoga is not just a practice that happens on a mat but a way of living that nurtures us in all stages of life. 

This program is a deep dive into the yogic lifestyle through wisdom teachings and practical daily ritual.

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Though we are offering 100 Yoga Alliance CEU’s and going deep into the topic of Yoga, this is not a Yoga Teacher Training.  This is for the person who is going on a personal journey to the Self. 

We will be going even deeper into the philosophical and lifestyle wisdom of yoga than one finds in a typical YTT. We will align that wisdom with asana (physical yoga practices) that gives you a somatic experience of the teachings. We will use all the limbs of yoga to create a sustainable yoga practice filled with purpose and love.

This training will not include instruction on how to teach. We will focus on how to embody the practice.


This training is self-paced with 6 months access to the program portal (after the time the program ends). This program will be hosted on the online school platform, Sacred Vitality Yoga, which will give you access to a robust platform full of resources and teachings. Access to the course platform starts on the day of sign up.

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There are no prerequisites for this course. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn.


Though we will have contemplations and suggested activities, assignments are not required for participation or course completion. However, becoming familiar with the course materials definitely would not hurt. They will be listed in the course portal.


This course is now available as a Self-Paced Training through our online portal. 

• Yoga History

• Appropriation vs. Appreciation

• Colonization and the impact on Yoga

• Yoga Sutras

• Bhagavad Gita

• The Chakra System

• Ayurveda

• The Stories of the Gods & Goddesses

• Asana

• Pranayama

• Meditation

• Mantras

• Mudras

...and so much more!

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sound healing yoga book and essentials


Financial accessibility is important to us so we have priced this $2500 program full of profound teachings for the sale price of $897.  Feel free to contact Victoria or Shanna to speak further on how you can be in the program. We will do everything we can to ensure that no one is turned away. If you are financially blessed and would like to share the love and help someone invest in this program please email us or donate here



Regular Price: $1297


Scholarships are provided by YFR Foundation and are based on financial need. For scholarship form and additional information, follow the link below.

Scholarship Application/Information


Victoria Martinez

Shanna Small

victoria martinez a 300HR and 200HR yoga teacher
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The Living Yoga course portal will have all you need for the journey. Access to the portal begins once you sign up.


Both Shanna and Victoria are YA 500 ERYT. Chakra Flow University will issue100 CEU’s for this training. Course must be 100% completed before credits are given. Chakra Flow University reserves the right to ask for additional proof of completion.  Please allow up to 30 days for certificate and registration information to process.

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