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Master sequencing

25hr Training | September 9-11

This Master Sequencing training is designed to take you from teaching yoga classes to creating yogic experiences. Learn to create intelligent flows that have a dance like quality, which follow the energies of the Chakras, starting at the root and ending at the crown.

In this comprehensive training we will explore how to add mudra, mantra, pranayama, meditation and Dharma talks or intention to your classes. You will learn how to sequence to peak poses and how to use the concepts of Vinyasa Krama to guide your students with ease and safety. Chakra Flow synergistically combines ancient Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, the Chakras from the Tantric tradition and the heart of Bhakti Yoga. This combination blends together to create an experience for the mind, body and spirit that will keep you and your students coming back for more and that ultimately lead you to the transformation that you seek from your practice.  

Masterful sequencing involves caring about every decision that goes into developing your classes. Beyond asana we will also focus on what else is needed to add depth and dimension to your teaching. You will learn how to create the energetic environment for students to truly feel safe to explore more than just the physical aspects of Yoga. We will explore how you can use music to deepen the impact of the story you are telling through your sequencing as well as the power of silence, where the breath and pranayama become the sweetest of all melodies. Most importantly this training will give you the tools to express your own personal magic. If what you seek is to make an impact with your teaching, you already have the secret sauce; this training is designed to bring that magic to the surface. 

spinal twist
shoulder Stand garundasana


  • Learn the Art of Vinyasa Sequencing through the Chakra system, the seasons and your own magic

  • How to sequence to a Maha pose, using the concepts of Vinyasa Krama

  • Sequencing to anatomy to avoid injury and build ecstatic energy 

  • A safe container to explore your Sadhana (personal practice) and creativity

  • How to write and present powerful dharma talks and intentions

  • How to tell your dharma story through your sequencing 

  • How to add mudra, mantra, pranayama and meditation that supports your sequencing and dharma 

  • How to connect on a soul level to your Sadhana 

  • How to connect on a soul level to your students

  • The Art of creating a Playlist. A playlist can easily be a distraction or it can be what sets your spirit free

  • Opportunity to grow your personal practice and/or your teaching 

  • Practice teaching and constructive feedback to grow as a teacher




Casa Chakra Flow
4304 Bowline Drive

Charlotte, NC 28269


Victoria E Martinez

Other Guest teacher TBA soon.


A willingness to explore your own personal Sadhana (practice) and be open to allowing it to evolve and expand to be the fuel of your creativity. 



$300-450 Sliding Scale

$300 Discounted community price

$375 Pays for you and supports the teachers

$450 Pays for you and pays for a BIPOC Scholarship

This 25hr Module can count towards your 300HR YTT

25 CEU’s also available

Chakra Flow University

RYS 200, RYS 300, YACEP

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