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My philosophy is simple: You gain total health and wellness by treating not only the physical body but the mind and spirit as well. Easy said, less easily done and impossible to find at your neighborhood gym.


Kid off balance

From a very young age, I was coined the chubby girl. I tried every diet and counted calories, starting at the age of 12. Then in my 20s, I reclaimed my body back and lost 45 pounds by spending hours in the gym and maintaining a rigorous diet. Sound familiar? 


While it worked, I was working hard and not working smart. My body and self-image continued to keep me from true happiness and a sense of contentment that I knew was possible, yet it eluded me.


Oh, baby

In my early 30s, after giving birth to two healthy kids only 18 months apart, I had gained 70 pounds and spending hours at the gym was no longer an option. This is when I came back to a practice I had started many years ago, Yoga, and looked for a healthier way to maintain a good balance and become the woman and mother I knew I could be.


On a mission

At this time my soul-searching led me to take the 200HR YTT from the World Renowned Yoga Center, Laughing Lotus NYC, directed by Dana Trixie Flynn. This is when I was also introduced to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga.


As I was looking for a way to balance my physical body, I realized the work was also in my mind and my spirit. Yoga and Ayurveda helped to unite these aspects of myself and I came to recognize I was always whole and had just forgotten, Yoga helped me remember.


My final path to health felt like a giant jigsaw puzzle with lots of missing pieces. As the pieces revealed themselves - nutrition, physical strength, mental flexibility, emotional wellness and spirituality, all pillars of Yoga and Ayurveda, - I began to lose the heaviness in both my physical and emotional body, in an almost effortless manner that I had never experienced before.


Today, my life's mission and passion is to share these ancient practices and sciences with my students and to empower them to gain optimal health and well being.


I am constantly learning about all aspects of lasting vitality, and have the following certifications:

  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Yoga Teacher– 500hr E-RYT, Laughing Lotus NYC

  • Ayurveda– 100hr, Laughing Lotus NYC

  • FLY Inversion Intensive– 50hr, Laughing Lotus NYC

  • Energy & the Subtle Body– 50hr, Laughing Lotus NYC

  • Chakras– 50hr, Laughing Lotus NYC

  • Hands on Assists– 50hr, Laughing Lotus Nola

  • Super Sequencing– 50hr, Laughing Lotus NYC

  • Restorative Yoga– 25hr, Laughing Lotus NYC

  • Kids Yoga– 25hr, Yogi Beans NYC


I continue vigorous self study of Ayurveda, spending an intensive week training in upstate NY every Summer with Dr. Lad from the Ayurvedic Institute of New Mexico. I also continue to study nutrition and the subtle body, more specifically the Chakra system.

I am registered with Yoga Alliance at the Expert 500hr level with over 3000 hours of teaching time. 

Chakra Flow University

My dream came true in June 2018 when I opened my own Yoga School, Chakra Flow University. I have now graduated a total of 113 teachers from my program. Below are some of the feedback I've received:

"My yoga teacher training experience with Chakra Flow University was amazing! Victoria is amazing! You really feel her love and her desire for her students to be successful in the training and as yoga teachers. She is so knowledgeable and you really feel and are inspired by her passion and love of teaching, yoga, living a healthy life, and Ayurveda. I registered for this 200 hr yoga teacher training to become a yoga instructor and share my passion and love of yoga with others, but I graduated having been transformed personally. I learned a lot about myself and how to live a more centered and yogi life. I became a better wife, mother, and person through the training, and for that, I am so, so grateful. During my training, I experienced a move to another state, my daughter graduating high school and going off to college, and a job change. My life basically was turned upside down. I seriously feel that my training and all the knowledge Victoria so willingly shared with us helped me so much through all this change in my life and kept me from mentally falling apart. The training was tough and there was a lot of homework and there were many times I wanted to just throw in the towel, but I'm so grateful I didn't. Even if I never taught a yoga class, I would not regret taking this training. I currently am teaching and, because of Victoria and her school, I'm able to share my passion and really teach from my heart and soul. I've received a lot of positive feedback from my classes, and I'm able to help others not only feel good after a class, but to really have an appreciation for yoga and all that goes with it. I'm able to show that yoga is more than just poses you do on your mat, but it's a way of life that can really transform you. I owe that to Victoria and YTT. ❤️🙏"

Misty Caples, YTT 200 Student

"I recently completed my 200 YTT training with Victoria and highly, highly recommend her to anyone looking to begin their teaching journey or even to deepen their practice.


Victoria's energy was just as high and passionate during our last hour of training that it was our first hour and that was energizing and inspiring. God has blessed this beautiful soul with a true gift and it was a honor to be part of her first 200 YTT program."

Sarah Knill, YTT 200 Student

"In October of 2018, I completed my 200 YTT ( teacher training) with Victoria, the owner of Chakra Flow University. It was truly a life changing experience. Anyone looking to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga and Ayurveda or teach classes should look no further!" 

Alexa Hagenbrock, YTT 200 Student

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