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Step into the mystical realm of a Cacao Ceremony, where the essence of "the food of the gods" beckons your soul. This sacred gathering transcends time, echoing the ancient practices of indigenous cultures, who have revered cacao for its profound healing, introspective, and spiritual capabilities throughout the ages.

Join us as we create an enchanted space, brimming with reverence and safety, where we unite to savor ceremonial-grade cacao. Allow the gentle yet potent energy of this divine elixir to take you on an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery and metamorphosis.

Venture with Victoria, an intrepid seeker who embarked on a quest to seek the wisdom of the Mayan elders through the enigmatic Mayan Wisdom Project. Her heart now overflows with excitement as she embraces the profound traditions surrounding cacao, eager to share this authentic and transformative experience with you.

Embrace the divine spirit of cacao, and together, let us dance with the mysteries of the universe, unraveling the tapestry of our existence in this captivating and spiritually enriching ceremony.

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Cacao Ceremony in Mayan Tradition

The Wisdom of the Mayan Tradition:

  • Learn about the Mayan civilization's deep reverence for nature and their sacred relationship with cacao.

  • Explore the historical significance and cultural rituals surrounding cacao in Mayan spirituality.

  • Discover the profound healing properties and spiritual essence of cacao as a plant medicine.

The Art of Ceremony:

  • Experience the ceremonial process of preparing and serving cacao, using authentic Mayan techniques and ingredients.

  • Engage in sacred rituals, invocations, and meditations to honor the cacao spirit and create a sacred space for personal transformation.

  • Gain insights into the symbolism and spiritual significance of each element within the ceremony.


Inner Journey and Healing:

  • Harness the power of cacao as a heart-opening medicine, promoting emotional release and self-exploration.

  • Dive deep into guided meditations and breathwork, allowing the cacao's energy to facilitate profound inner healing and transformation.

  • Embrace the opportunity for self-reflection, insight, and expanded consciousness during this sacred ceremony.

Integration and Empowerment:

  • Discover practical tools and techniques for integrating the ceremony's teachings and insights into your daily life.

  • Receive guidance and personalized support from our experienced yogi and holistic health coach to help you navigate your transformative journey.

  • Explore ways to cultivate a deeper connection with nature, spirituality, and self-care practices for holistic well-being.


SUNDAY, OCT 29th 3-6pm



Suggested Sliding Scale

$44 $55 $66 $77 $88

Please pay at the highest rate you are able to, so we can continue to offer sliding scale to the community. 





ALC Mosaic

6100 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212, USA


**We will gather at ALC Mosaic’s beautiful and cozy yoga space. It’s a modern grey building with yellow trim. Park in the small parking lot on the campus or anywhere along the wooden fence.

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Let your light shine as you take the lead in this magical Cacao Ceremony. Allow your soul's essence to dance with the spirit of cacao, and let the love that resides within you ignite the hearts of your community.

Contact Victoria to Host Your Cacao Ceremony

As you prepare to guide your heartwarming Cacao Ceremony, may you find the perfect treasures to complement your sacred gathering. Explore Ora Cacao shop and discover a sanctuary of cacao-infused delights that elevate your ceremony to ethereal heights. And as a gift from the universe, use the code "VICTORIA97273" at checkout to savor exclusive savings on your purchase.

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