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luminous breath
"inhale the bounty"

A breathwork ceremony to bring in the Harvest of our Desires

Welcome to an exquisite journey of self-discovery and transformation – "Inhale the Bounty: Luminous Breath." Join us in a profound breathwork ceremony where the power of your breath becomes the catalyst for manifesting the abundant harvest of your deepest desires.

Luminous Breath is a sacred space where you'll embark on a transformative journey of self-exploration and manifestation. Through intentional breathing techniques, we unlock the energy within us, allowing us to release and integrate the old and make way for the new. It's a celebration of abundance, a dynamic flow of energy, and a ceremony that unites us with the universal rhythm of creation.

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Victoria came to her yoga practice 22 years ago during a soul-illuminating experience that changed her life's trajectory.  She completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training with Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in New York City and eventually moved to Charlotte where she opened Chakra Flow University, which embodies the essence of yoga's 8 limbs, including pranayama.  Victoria adds her knowledge of Ayurveda to each breathwork journey while taking into consideration the current season and the elements that are dominant during that season.  For instance, the elements of Water and Fire are most present during these Summer months. Both of these elements are outward moving and expansive. They give us the energy and will to move our lives forward and welcome in passion and delight. This is the perfect time to cultivate a mindset of manifestation to activate even your wildest dreams. 

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sacred breathwork ceremony

Brian's first intimate encounter with his breath came 15 years ago at a mindfulness meditation gathering that put him on a path of internal discovery.  He eventually completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India where he studied and practiced pranayama in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.  He completed a 300-hour yoga teacher training with Chakra Flow University where he continued to deepen his connection with the breath.  This led him to explore different breathwork experiences including several workshops on the Wim Hof Method.  He then traveled to Tulum, Mexico where he completed a Conscious Connected Breath Facilitator Certification with Breathe Psychedelic School of Conscious Connected Breathwork.  He also attended a holotropic breathwork retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico hosted by the Grof Legacy Project entitled The Healing Potential of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness: The Legacy of Stanislav Grof.  Brian is honored to share these sacred practices with you with the hope that you continue to build a deeper relationship with your own breath and the path of expansion.

inhale the bounty

FRI NOV 3,  @7-9:30 pm



Suggested Sliding Scale $33 - $55

Please pay at the highest rate you are able to, so we

can continue to offer sliding scale to the community. 

Donate now or at the event




ALC Mosaic

6100 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212, USA


**We will gather at ALC Mosaic’s beautiful and cozy yoga space. It’s a modern grey building with yellow trim. Park in the small parking lot on the campus or anywhere along the wooden fence.


 The Four Realms of Experience in Breathwork

The experiences that occur in a breathwork session have been extensively documented throughout the last several decades.  Stan Grof created a map of the psyche that included several domains.  This map is often explored in breathwork sessions. Below are the different realms that can often be the charted territory during a session:

Realm 1
Stan Grof identified four Basic Perinatal Matrices (BPM) that consist of memories before birth.  BPM I consists of memories before the onset of delivery.  This can include the mother’s relationship and treatment of her body during the pregnancy, her relationship with the baby’s father and other family members and friends, and any traumatic events that occurred during the pregnancy.  BPM II consists of memories during the first stage of delivery when the uterus contracts, but the cervix is not yet open.  BPM III consists of memories during the struggle to be born after the uterine cervix dilates.  BPM IV consists of the memories related to emerging into the world, the birth itself.
Realm 2
This realm includes all of the experiences that have shaped our lives after birth including the quality of nursing, the nature of toilet training, traumatic events, access to food, shelter, and water, parental involvement, and other interpersonal relationships.  These influences, especially traumas, leave a particular imprint in the body.
Realm 3
Stan Grof used the term transpersonal to include experiences in which consciousness transcends the boundaries of the body and ego and the usual limitations of linear time and three-dimensional space.  This results in experiential identification with other people, groups of people, other life forms, and elements of the inorganic world.  Transcendence of time provides experiential access to ancestral, racial, collective, and karmic memories.  It also includes experiences with the collective unconscious or archetypal figures.  This can include a connection with mythological figures, themes, and realms of all cultures including those of which we have no intellectual knowledge.  In its farthest reaches, individual consciousness can identify with Cosmic Consciousness, the creative principle of the universe.
Realm 4 
Stan Grof also discovered during years of facilitating breathwork sessions that faster breathing extended for a long period of time changes the chemistry of the organism in such a way that blocked physical and emotional energies associated with various traumatic memories are released and become available for peripheral discharge and processing.  This makes it possible for the previously repressed content of these memories to emerge into consciousness and be integrated.  Physical manifestations that develop during breathing in various areas of the body are not simple physiological reactions to hyperventilation.  They have a complex psychosomatic structure and usually have specific psychological meaning for the individuals involved.  The tensions that we carry in our body can be released in two different ways.  The first of them involves catharsis.  It is the discharge of pent-up physical energies through tremors, twitches, various movements, coughing, gagging, and vomiting.  It can also include the release of blocked emotions through crying, screaming, and other types of vocal expression.  The second way that tensions can be released is through the use of breathing techniques.  The deep tensions surface in the form of unrelenting muscular contractions of various duration called tetany.  By sustaining these muscular tensions for extended periods of time, the breathers consume large amounts of previously pent-up energy and simplify the functioning of their bodies by disposing of them. 


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