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An offering by Victoria @The Big Love Yoga Barn

What is a Chakra Sound Bath?

A Chakra Sound Bath is a therapeutic sound healing practice that focuses on balancing and activating each of the seven chakras. This is achieved through the use of a range of instruments, including crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs, and more, that produce sound frequencies that resonate with each of the chakras.

How does a Chakra Sound Bath work?

During a Chakra Sound Bath, participants lie down comfortably and allow the sound waves to wash over them. The instruments used in the sound bath create a soundscape that resonates with each of the chakras, promoting balance and harmony.

As you relax into the soundscape, you will be guided through a meditation that focuses on each of the chakras in turn. This will help you to release any energetic blockages and promote a sense of inner peace.

Sound Bath Healing
singing bowls in sound healing
singing bowls gongs in a sound healing in charlotte
Chakra Yoga Stones placed in a chakra yoga symbol


SUN, MAY 21 2023

SUN, JULY 9 2023

FRI, SEPT 15 2023

SUN, NOV 5 2023

SUN, DEC 17 2023

@7-8:30PM EST




Big Love Yoga Barn

1911 Central Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28205

Chakra Yoga Symbol carved in a wooden necklace pendant

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