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Chakra Flow University

BIPOC Yoga Studies Program | 200HR YTT

Please read this before applying and make sure that this training aligns with your true North!

This training is for:


...BIPOC, Black Indigenous People of Color, students to explore the practice of Yoga in a brave space with a full BIPOC teaching team and student body. 

...Passionate students to further their own study of Yoga and/or as a tool to become a teacher.  To those who are interested in being Yoga teachers, Chakra Flow University will issue 200 Hr YTT certificates, through the Yoga Alliance, only to those who pass and complete the full training. 


...Students that are interested in more than just pretty shapes. We will use the Chakra system, chanting, Ayurveda,Yogic philosophy and Yogic practices to explore and unpack intersectionality, connect with truth, uplift ourselves and our communities, for self-care, and growth on the spiritual path.  


...Students who are interested in exploring diverse viewpoints that may be different from their own. 


...Seekers who understand that a 200HR is just the beginning of the journey and who value research and continued learning. 


...Students who want a thorough understanding of sequencing yoga and are committed to learning how to make their own sequences. 


...Those seeking an alignment between the individual and the community. Students will ground in an understanding of how bias and white supremacy play a role in harm caused to under-estimated communities. This program will explore the impacts of race, gender identity, sexual orientation and disability and where each person plays a role in interrogation and intervention in bias and status quo. 


...Humans that acknowledge the effects of systemic racism. 


...Those willing to hold the space for vulnerability and honest sharing. 

...Beings who will not bypass or gloss over the uncomfortable work of questioning how we are complicit in oppressive societal structures.


...Those that believe yoga goes beyond just a physical experience. This training combines physical, spiritual and mental aspects of Yoga for a holistic approach to living and teaching the practice. 


...Students that are looking for a teaching staff that is fully committed to your growth and expansion and will be giving you all 100% of their energy, passion and knowledge. In turn we expect every student to do the same. Be prepared to move, sweat, do homework, have deep conversations and show up fully! 


...Humans that commit to making Yoga physically accessible for all. We will teach variations, sequencing, and cueing that decenters abilism and speaks directly to who shows up in the room. 

...Designed to nurture your unique voice. You will not be asked to conform to the mannerisms and speaking patterns deemed acceptable in a White centered society. Be loud. Be Soft. Be proud. Be Who You Were Born to BE. 

We welcome donations from non BIPOC people, who want to help make this training accessible to BIPOC folks. 


Community | Transformation | Freedom


BIPOC Yoga Studies Program &  200HR Yoga Teacher Training




I understand that I must attend every session. Any session, that I cannot attend, must be made up before the next YTT session. 

I understand that it is my responsibility to contact Shanna or Victoria and ask for a make up assignment. 

I understand that it is my responsibility to follow up on makeup assignments 

I understand that, in order to receive my YTT diploma & register with Yoga Alliance,  all makeup assignments must be turned in.

I understand that make up assignments, which are additional work for my facilitators that has not been allocated for in the price of this training. A $10 office fee must be paid via venmo prior to turning in the assignment.

Shanna Venmo: shanna-small, Victoria Venmo: VictoriaMartinez108 . 

I understand that make-up work, such as lectures,that require teaching from a facilitator, are $75 an hour. 

I understand that, formake up work, Shanna or Victoria may ask me to record a practice or practice teach video to turn in.



I understand that, even if I don’t plan to teach, I am required to do homework and practice teaching.

I understand that all assignments must be completed by or before the due date.  Late assignments incur office fees due to your facilitators having to work past the alloted time for this module. Office fees are $10 per late assignment and are due via venmo when you turn it in.  Venmo: shanna-small & Venmo: VictoriaMartinez108 . All late assignments are due before the next time we are set to meet.

I understand that homework assignments can take up to 15 additional hours outside of our class time.

I understand that all videos for homework assignments must be uploaded to our private FB page for feedback from the cohort.

I understand that I will be given feedback on my practice teaching and my uploaded videos.


I understand that the training must be paid in full before I can receive my YTT certificate.  Email to discuss a payment plan that fits your needs. 

Final Exam:

I understand that I must pass the final exam before I can receive my YTT certificate or register for the Yoga Alliance.   Final exams are both written and in person. 

I understand that, If I do not pass the exam,  I must arrange a date to retake it and pay office hours rates with the facilitators to complete it. Office hour rate for final exams and one on ones are $75 an hour. 

I understand that it is my responsibility to contact Shanna or Victoria to set up a time to retake the final.

Intellectual Property:

I understand that the slides and manual are for my personal use only. I agree  to not reprint, reuse, or repurpose these materials.



Though we will explore different styles of yoga, I understand that I will be tested on my ability to teach Vinyasa yoga. 

I agree to practice Vinyasa Yoga a minimum of 3 times per week, outside of my classroom time.

No attacks:


We agree to not intentionally inflict harm on one another and to apologize when harm has been committed. 

We agree to not weaponize tears and words against teachers and students.


We welcome donations from non BIPOC people, who want to help make this training accessible to BIPOC folks.

To Donate click here.

Challenge by Choice:


Everyone has an option to step in and out of challenging conversations.




We show respect for one another’s basic personhood.


We honor all pronouns.


We acknowledge critical thinking and understand that there will not always be absolute or black and white answers.

Brave Space Guidelines 

The guidelines below are via @sacred.alchimist.

We can never truly ensure creating safe spaces, but we can set up the conditions to create brave spaces. The term “brave spaces” was originally proposed by Brian Arao and Kristi Clemons in 2013 in the context of social justice education to describe mechanisms for creating supportive environments so that all students may participate in challenging dialogue. Brave spaces are not “safe” spaces; the risk of discomfort exists, but there is an effort to provide support for those who are vulnerable. 

Controversy with civility:

We welcome and respect different opinions. 

Owning Intention and Impacts:

We acknowledge and discuss instances where a dialogue has affected the emotional well-being of another person. 


We issue content or trigger warnings before broaching controversial subjects.

Chakra Flow University

BIPOC Yoga Teacher Training Interest List

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