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Friday, March 22, 2024
7-9pm EST
ALC Mosaic

What does Divine Feminine mean to you?

The tantric principle of liberation through the erotic creature centers on the belief that the divine can be experienced through the exploration and embrace of our primal, sexual nature. This approach to spirituality sees the body, particularly the female body, as a pathway to the divine. The divine feminine movement experience is part of this revolution because it seeks to reclaim and honor the sacredness of the feminine in all its forms. It encourages all humans to embrace their sensuality, to connect with their bodies and their desires, and to reject the patriarchal notion that the body is inherently sinful or shameful. By celebrating the power and beauty of the feminine, the divine feminine movement offers a pathway to spiritual liberation and personal empowerment for women and men alike.

What does that look like in movement?

This offering is an opportunity to explore that divine feminine sensuality that so desperately

needs an outlet in both your physical and spiritual body.

During this experience we will connect to the blissful most inner divine energy through, breath, movement and tantric meditation.

yoga medicine music woman playing harmonium
a woman working its divine feminine energy

Sliding Scale Available
: $25 - $55


7:00PM - 9:00PM EST


***Wear anything that is comfortable, that makes you feel sexy and sensual. Bring a yoga mat.***


ALC Mosaic

6100 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212, USA


**We will gather at ALC Mosaic’s beautiful and cozy yoga space. It’s a modern grey building with yellow trim. Park in the small parking lot on the campus or anywhere along the wooden fence.

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divine feminine woman

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