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What is breathing us?

A deep dive into the sacred world of The Breath, our vital Life Force. 


Practices that include the breath have been a part of mysticism and spirituality since the beginning of time.  In most religions, it continues to be the glue that connects us to God, The Great Spirit, and the Universe.  During our time together we will explore that which is breathing us and how the same force appears to be fueling everything around us.   

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We will be especially intentional about our examination of the four parts of the breath. The inhale, which carries with it the feminine essence of the breath, is the fullest expression of Shakti  energy.  The exhale, which carries with it the masculine essence of the breath, is the fullest expression of Shiva energy.  

We will explore the many ways to work with the breath and how to create ceremonial containers for ourselves and others.  This includes the use of music to help deepen the experience and facilitate a structured journey.  We will also review how certain body movements and the use of bandhas, or energy locks, can facilitate the clearance of certain organs in order to open energetic channels within the body.

Lastly, we will explore the benefits of these practices on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-beings and how they can enhance our lives in deeply profound ways. Through an exploration of the body, we can appreciate how the breath can relieve stress and create room for physical and emotional recovery as well as brain growth and development.  

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• How to safely add breathwork and pranayama to your personal practice

• How to share specific techniques with others

• How to use pranayama practices to clear specific energetic zones in the body and how to bring these zones into harmony

• How to understand and appreciate non-ordinary states of consciousness that occur during breathwork and pranayama practice

• How to recognize the challenges that arise during your practice and face them with grace and courage



• History of breathwork and identification of different practices being used around the world

• Yogic breathing techniques known as Pranayama

• Principles and practices of Shamanic Breathwork

• Principles and practices of Psychedelic Breathwork

• An exploration of Kundalini Kriyas 

• Subtle energetics of the breath

• How to balance the Chakra system through breathing techniques

• Physiology of the breath

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brian strahine


Victoria Martinez, E500 RYT

Dr. Brian Strahine, 200 RYT

Victoria came to her yoga practice 22 years ago during a soul-illuminating experience that changed her life's trajectory.  She completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training with Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in New York City and eventually moved to Charlotte where she opened Chakra Flow University, which embodies the essence of yoga's 8 limbs, including pranayama.  Her dedicated personal practice has influenced the school's curriculum related to breathwork, including a 25-hour intensive training entitled Path to Samadhi, which focuses on breath, meditation, and sound.  Victoria's travels to India and Costa Rica have helped to bring more awareness to the importance of these sacred breathing practices that can liberate us from suffering and guide us on the path to healing and liberation.

Brian's first intimate encounter with his breath came 15 years ago at a mindfulness meditation gathering that put him on a path of internal discovery.  He eventually completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India where he studied and practiced pranayama in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.  He completed a 300-hour yoga teacher training with Chakra Flow University where he continued to deepen his connection with the breath.  This led him to explore different breathwork experiences including several workshops on the Wim Hof Method.  He then traveled to Tulum, Mexico where he completed a Conscious Connected Breath Facilitator Certification with Breathe Psychedelic School of Conscious Connected Breathwork.  Brian is honored to share these sacred practices with you with the hope that you continue to build a deeper relationship with your own breath and the path to freedom.   


We are able to offer this certification to small groups upon request. With a minimum of 10 people participating. Please contact us for more information.



TBD - We can offer this training locally in Charlotte or in your hometown.


A desire to transform your life and connect deeply with your breath and life force. 

This 25hr Module can count towards your 300HR YTT with Chakra Flow University

25 CEU’s also available

Chakra Flow University

RYS 200, RYS 300, YACEP



$375-500 Sliding Scale

​$375 Discounted community price

$425 Pays for you and supports the teachers

$500 Pays for you and pays for a BIPOC Scholarship

Email with any questions.

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