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Yin & Restorative Yoga

25-Hour Intensive | October 30-November 1

Self care awaits you during the next 25hr Module from Chakra Flow University -- Yin & Restorative Yoga -- at a luxurious lake house on the banks of Lake Norman. 


Imagine stillness, imagine silence, imagine sitting with your thoughts and emotions, all while in the midst of physical sensations.


In this training we'll focus on the meditative practices of Yin and Restorative Yoga. Yin is a unique way to deepen your yoga practice and touch tissues rarely worked in the more active yang style of yoga. The art of Restorative Yoga allows the physical body to dwell in a posture for longer, fully supported by props and completely surrendered to gravity. This allows for a unique healing that supports the para-sympathetic nervous system and helps to balances our stress hormones. We will also dive deep into the science and experience aromatherapy and how essential oils can be used to deepen your practice as well as reinforce the healing qualities of both Yin and Restorative Yoga.

These unique styles of yoga allow you to enter deep states of relaxation where you can effect change in the tissue and fascia of the body as well as your energetic and emotional body. So much more than poses that target connective tissue, Yin & Restorative Yoga are both a platform for personal inquiry and responsive self-care.  These more meditative practices offer us the much needed space for contemplation and reflection. By gifting ourselves this space of quietude, we are able to restore our psyche and step into the world more receptively.

This training is not just for yoga teachers. With today’s overstressed and over worked culture we are teeming with stress hormones and under active in the feel good hormones of serotonin and dopamine. Therefore anyone who is interested in finding more balance and healing is welcome to attend.

You can choose to stay at the beautiful accommodations at this lakeside oasis or opt to drive in exclusively for the training hours. Not only will you experience 25 hrs of Restorative and Yin Yoga training but you will do so as you embody these teachings with a weekend dedicated to your own healing and rejuvenation. If you choose to stay at the lake house, Saturday night, Old Hallows Eve, the night when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest, we will have a sacred cacao ceremony under the full moon.


  • Knowledge of the Philosophy and Practice of Yin & Restorative Yoga

  • History of Yin Yoga

  • Understanding of the practical benefits of Yin & Restorative Yoga: physically, energetically and mentally

  • Learning the difference between Yin & Restorative Yoga and Yang styles of Yoga

  • Understanding Energy including Prana/Qi (chi) & the Meridians/Nadis

  • Comparison of the Yogic and Chinese Meridians systems

  • Energetic Anatomy

  • Exploring Eastern mindfulness practices within your yoga practice

  • Learning the alignment and energetic benefits of the Yin Yoga asanas

  • Learning how to set up the most beneficial and healing Restorative poses

  • The language of props, how are they used in these practices to offer accessibility and comfort to all

  • Self-Study & Holding Silence

  • Aromatherapy, how essential oils can add to the benefits of these more meditative practices

  • Essential oils as alternative medicine for body, mind and spirit. Every participant will leave with a restorative essential oil blend they can use for their own healing or to share during savasana



Friday Oct 30th:

  • check in 4pm

  • 6-10pm - Yin Yoga

Saturday Oct 31st:

  • 9am-12pm - Restorative Yoga

  • 12-1pm - Lunch

  • 1-6pm - Restorative Yoga

  • 7:30-9:30pm- Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Sunday Nov 1st:

  • 8am-12 - Yin Yoga

  • 1pm- Check out


A willingness to explore the more meditative aspects of yoga asana. 



Kiesha Battles (Yin Yoga)

Victoria Martinez (Restorative Yoga)

This 25hr Module can count towards your 300HR YTT with Chakra Flow University

25 CEU’s also available

Chakra Flow University

RYS 200, RYS 300, YACEP

Email diosayogaschool@gmail.com with inquiries


INVESTMENT to Drive in for Class time only

$300 Early Bird by Oct 1

$350 After Oct 1

$250 for all BIPOC, enter code BIPOC at checkout (discount only available for drive in)

INVESTMENT to stay at the Lake house (included training tuition)

$400 double occupancy

$700 single occupancy

$400 bunkbeds room, occupancy 4 people

$500 single twin private room

You will need to bring your own PROPS

• 2 Blocks

• 1 Strap

• 1 Bolster ( we will have a few brand new bolsters for sale, reserve your bolster via email at kbattl1@gmail.com)

• 6 Mexican Yoga Blankets 

• 3 Eye Pillows (or atleast 1) 

Coffee, teas and ayurvedic tonics will be available in the mornings. Meals are not included but can be ordered at a discount from Nourish and will be at the Lake house upon your arrival. Once you register an email with the discount code and ordering instructions for your meals will be sent to you.

About  Kiesha Battles

Kiesha Battles, E-RYT 500, Yoga Director at Charlotte Family Yoga Center is a full-time yoga teacher and trainer who studied with Maya Breuer and Kristine Kaoverii.  Kiesha has over 100 hours training in Yin Yoga as well as a specialty training in Restorative Yoga for Race Based Trauma with Dr. Gail Parker.


Kiesha earned a graduate degree in Asian studies, with a certification in international business and a focus on Asian philosophy, religion, and modern language. Through her academic studies, she was exposed to Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Yoga.

In 2016, Kiesha was honored as an inaugural Self-Care Charlotte Ambassador. In her role, she promotes self-care for the purpose of nurturing healthy lives and relationships for individuals, families, and communities.  In 2018, she was appointed Co-Director of the Yoga Retreat for Women of Color™.  In 2020 Kiesha joined the Board of Directors for Amplify and Activate, as well as the Development Committee for You Call This Yoga.  Both local North Carolina yoga non-profits.

Just driving in for the weekend?

Accommodations for the Retreat

Indulge your senses in the beauty of this luxurious lakefront home on the shores of Lake Norman.

This lakeside paradise features a brand new kitchen, huge dining room with seating for everyone. 
Multiple areas on the main level with seating that is perfect for lounging and reconnection. 
Outdoor decks for journaling and sunset watching.  7 sleeping areas and 4 bathrooms.

Explore the luxury of Relax on the Riverbed - our retreat home!

Choose from a variety of private, relaxing rooms during your stay.

King Tranquility

King size bed and shared bathroom.

Double Occupancy – $400 per person

Single Occupancy – $700

Vishnu-Lakshmi Suite.JPG
Bramha Suite.jpg

King Serenity

King size bed and shared bathroom.

Double Occupancy – $400 per person 

Single Occupancy - $700

Queen Rejuvenation

Queen size bed and private bathroom.


Double Occupancy – $400 per person

Single Occupancy – $700 

Krisha.Radha Suite.jpg

Full Restoration

Full size bed and shared bathroom.

Double Occupancy – $400 per person 

Single Occupancy – $550

Bunkbed Haven

Full size bed and shared bathroom.


 $400 per person

4-Person Occupancy

Ganesha Suite.JPG

Twin Peace

Twin-size bed and shared bathroom.

Single Occupancy – $500