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Experience the deep interconnection between mind and body


Recovery is a gradual process and nutrition, wellbeing, and our overall lifestyle are one of the many issues that require attention. During this 25hr training you will learn how to use the “science of life,” Ayurveda, to support, revitalize, and harmonize your body and mind through asana, healthy eating, meditation, pranayama and other daily and seasonal routines.


You can incorporate these routines into your daily life in order to live a yogic lifestyle that is steeped in this ancient, but relevant wisdom. Beyond learning Ayurvedic concepts, this will be an opportunity to live and experience Ayurveda throughout our time together. We will learn how to cook and eat nurturing and detoxifying foods that will help us enter into each season in health and wellness. We will do asana, pranayama and meditation practices according to the doshas and learn how the different times of the day have energetic properties that can be used to our benefit. 


An important part of the journey together will be to practice Vipassana meditation, also known as mindfulness or insight meditation.  This is an opportunity to experience moments of living fully in the present moment with your senses and without judgment or attachment to outcomes.  Through self-observation, you will experience the deep interconnection between mind and body.  As you become more aware of your thoughts and how they impact your emotions and body sensations, you will have the chance to choose a life of mental purity and freedom from suffering that stems from delusional thought patterns.


Health relates to more than the physical body.  It is mental, emotional, and spiritual, and Ayurveda can be used to help you create and maintain healthy relationships with yourself and others. It can help you to better understand yourself, and the people in your life. Throughout this process of self-exploration, you will learn to work with your natural strengths in order to find harmony in all areas of your life. Ultimately, you will learn to embrace each person's characteristics as a part of their wholeness while honoring who you are all while letting go of the illusion that you and everyone else is inadequate in some way.  


In this 25hr course you will be empowered with the knowledge needed to live an Ayurvedic lifestyle and be on your way to living in the ebb and flow of nature.


Sat, April 10 ­– 9am-130pm

9am-11am - Ayurveda, The Science of Living in Balance with Nature

1115-1230 - Dinacharya (daily routines) – 24hrs broken down through their energetic qualities

1245-130pm- Vipassana Meditation

Sun, April 11 ­– 9am-130pm

9am-11am - The 6 rasas (tastes) and how we can use food to balance our Doshas and Chakras

1115-1230 - Cooking class- we will make an Ayurvedic meal together to balance the energy of the season (Kapha)

1245-130pm- Vipassana Meditation

Mon – April 12 – 6-9pm

Kapha, the energy of Earth & Water. (Lecture, Meditation & Asana Practice to balance this energy) 


Thurs ­– April 15 – 6-9pm

Pitta, the energy of Water & Fire. (Lecture, Meditation & Asana Practice to balance this energy) 


Mon – April 19 – 6-9pm

Vata, the energy of Air & Space. (Lecture, Meditation & Asana Practice to balance this energy) 


Thurs – April 22 – 9-130pm

6-7pm – Rituacharya (seasonal routines) and tonics

715-9pm – What is your Dosha or natural born state and HOW can you get back to balance?


Sat – April 24 – 9-1pm

10- 11 –  Yin Yoga to balance your energetic constitution

11-12 – Vipassana Meditation

12-1pm – Closing Circle - Q & A, bring any and all questions and we will learn together and from each other  



Victoria E Martinez E500 RYT

Dr. Brian Strahine 200 RYT - Vipassana Meditation Teacher



A desire to know yourself better in relation to nature. Open to all levels of practitioners.

This 25hr Module can count towards your 300HR YTT
25 CEU’s also available
Chakra Flow University
RYS 200, RYS 300, YACEP
Email with inquiries

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