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Trauma Informed Yoga Teaching

25 Hour Training

“My dictionary defines trauma as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Defined like that, the events which can be considered traumatic are wide-ranging indeed—from what might be considered the stuff of ordinary life such as divorce, illness, accidents, and bereavement to extreme experiences of war, torture, rape, and genocide.

Insofar as we adopt this wide-ranging definition, trauma is the stuff of everyday life.” - Stephen Joseph PHD, Psychology Today.

An estimated 8% of Americans, (24 million), meet the criteria for PTSD ( This means that in a yoga class of 25 students, 2 of them may have PTSD.

Trauma is a part of the human experience. At any given time, we will encounter events that are so overwhelming that they leave a lasting negative effect. Our yoga students are no exception. Trauma informed yoga is a method of teaching that avoids retraumatizing a student, helps the student learn to trust themselves and gives them tools for self regulation. 

This training will teach you how to teach trauma informed yoga as well as how to make what you already teach more trauma informed.



  • Polyvagal theory

  • Instruction on how to teach trauma informed yoga

  • Poses for trauma Informed yoga

  • Queing for trauma Informed clases

  • How to pick music for a trauma informed classes

  • How to build trust and inspire agency with students

  • Yin Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Mudras

  • Chakras that are most often affected by trauma

  • Pranayama

  • Room setup

  • Contraindicated poses and assists


Shanna Small, TCYM E-RYT YACEP

Victoria Martinez

Kiesha Battles



July 23-25


1-3PM Intros and Intro To Trauma Informed with Shanna

3:15-5:15PM Trauma Informed with Shanna 

6:15-8PM Restorative with Victoria


8-10AM Slow Flow Vinyasa with Victoria 

10:30-12:00PM Pranayama and Mudras with Victoria 

1:00-3:30PM Trauma Informed with Shanna 

4-6pm Trauma Informed with Shanna


8-11AM Yin with Kiesha 

12:15-3:45pm Trauma Informed with Shanna 

4pm-6pm Restorative with Victoria



$375 Drive In

$450 to Stay at Casa Chakra Flow



Casa Chakra Flow

4304 Bowline Drive

Charlotte, NC 28269

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