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What does Divine Feminine mean to you?

The Divine Feminine energy has no beginning and no end, it is circular like ovum. It is emotional, passionate and completely engaged with Spirit. It enjoys the journey and focuses less on the destination. Instead its open to receive and allow. It can be fierce or soft and both are equally powerful depending on the circumstance. The Feminine is unique and abides by no rules expect those they decide to impose on themselves. 

What does that look like in movement?

This weekly offering is an opportunity to explore that divine feminine sensuality that so desperately

needs an outlet in both your physical and spiritual body.

During this experience we will connect to the blissful most inner divine energy through, breath, movement and tantric meditation.

Weekly Classes​

Wed 730pm - Divine Feminine Movement

The Big Love Yoga Barn 

1911 Central Ave

Charlotte, NC 28205

Behind Pure Pizza

Private Classes and Sacred Ceremonies

Contact Victoria to discuss your sacred ceremony or private class.


Divine Feminine Costa Rica Retreat

DFM goes into hibernation after Nov 17, till Spring of 2023. Look out for special events or book your DFM Private here.